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Name: PocketGuitar iPhone App


For string pluckers out there, here is an application from iPhone that you will greatly enjoy. It is called the PocketGuitar application, which is a virtual guitar installed in iPhone and developed from a Google Code project headed by Shinya Kasatani. Songs on your iPod can also be used for those long guitar sessions of the application.

User Interaction:

Playing guitar can be done everywhere and anywhere as long as you have the PocketGuitar application in your iPhone. With PocketGuitar application, you can play ukulele, bass, muted electric, electric, classical, and acoustic at its very simple interface. The application boasts chorus, delay, and distortion effects that users can apply to the instrument enable to create various kinds of sonic landscapes. It has an accelerometer effect that acts like a virtual whammy bar in changing the pitch. PocketGuitar has the ability to put the instruments in alternate tunings. Tunings can be customized by iPhone users especially if the PocketGuitar require a tuning that is not included in the list.

User Interface:

The main interface of the PocketGuitar application may look very simple especially if you are just looking it. It includes a space at the bottom to the strum, and some strings. The application has numerous preset tunings where the users have the option to tune up the strings up and change in either directions. With this, users have no limitations on their ability to work with their preferred tuning either they use their favorite band tuning or emulate their own capo.

The virtual freboard can be adjusted by users depending on the way the strings are set up. The size and space between the strings of the strumming area can also be adjusted by the users. The three effects of PocketGuitar application, which is chorus, delay, and distortion, can be turn on into two. This is one ability of the application that users get interested int. In addition, the parameters of these effects can be adjusted as well. The strings of the application can be bend down into lefty flip, pull-offs, and hammer-ons.

Utility and Productivity:

The implementing features of the PocketGuitar application are not essential but also innovative when it comes to customizability. Obviously, the application does not play like an actual guitar so you have to take it slow as you tactile your fingers in any of the strings. Regardless of this, whatever strings your finger tactile on the application, it will surely sound good. Musicians mostly consider buying this application because of its good sounds and convenience in creating music.

Once advantage of the PocketGuitar application is the chords display. Since the iPhone’s screen has a limited space of screen, the chords are hardly seen by the users. Because of this, users have the tendencies of playing pretty ugly chords once their fingers slipped into the wrong string or fret. In addition, because of the limited screen space of iPhone, it is also hard to get an original sounding of strumming. The main forte of the application is more on a single-note experimentation and not actually playing a real guitar. Nevertheless, PocketGuitar application is a must-have for all musicians of all different genres.


(8.0 out of 10.0) PocketGuitar application can turn iPhone into a virtual guitar by pressing and strumming strings similar to a real guitar. Users can choose from the different instrument sounds, choose effects, and edit parameters as well.

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