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Name: iPhone Medical Calculator


The iPhone’s medical calculator application helps physicians and nurses to compute for useful medical equations and formulas as well as scoring tools. It had gained more than 200,000 installations all over the world, thus becoming one of the most popular applications in the App Store.

User Interaction:

iPhone’s medical calculator application is a clinical calculator that provides quick and easy access to quick medical calculations that are too hard to memorize and perform as well. It contains a list more than 200 common medical equations and formulas useful for medical people.

User Interface:

iPhone’s medical calculator application has a simple and elegant interface. For health professionals, this application is a great companion for their iPhone device. The simple interface of this application makes the users not to get confuse or slow down, thus patient care will not be negatively affected. This powerful calculator application provides excellent features that include several favorites, categories, and powerful search. In this way, equations and formulas are always available for use when needed.

Here is a list of features that users can use an interface guide for the iPhone’s medical calculator application:

  • The application contains 201 formulas and scores.
  • It is the most comprehensive medical calculator on the App Store.
  • It is supported with SI and US units but users can still set their preference in the iPhone Settings Menu.
  • It contains full freedom and control for the units whereas users can easily switch between the units of SI and US accordingly to their needs.
  • It displays multiple results for relevant scoring tools.
  • It can view the full equation for every formula.
  • It allows a quick view on the reference information and citations for all equations.
  • It can rapidly search for the equation.
  • It can keep a list of the users’ favorite equations.
  • It allows viewing of the application by category.
  • The results of every equation can be emailed to colleagues.
  • It displays relevant pictures for particular equations.
  • It has a clean and simple design of a huge number that is pad for fast and easy entry. A huge number pad means less errors.
  • iphone-medical-calculator

Utility and Productivity:

iPhone’s medical calculator application is a quick and painless access to the Glasgow coma scale, serum sodium for glucose, Parkland burn diagram, and countless other medical equations, formulas, and calculations. This iPhone’s application is truly a great tool for physicians, respiratory therapists, nurses, or even medical students.

The latest version of the iPhone’s medical calculator application has added corrected Phenytoin and Serum Osmolality. It has increased font sizes for input fields. It has a fixed cased where checked rows can be displayed temporarily while editing the favorites. The application is now available in various languages that include Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Dutch, and English.


(9.0 out of 10) iPhone’s medical calculator application is a great tool for those people who belongs to the medical field. Its functions and features truly give a different kind of enhanced experience for iPhone users.

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