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Name: iFitness


Thousands of people all over the world are now getting into shape with iFitness. What is iFitness? iFitness is a comprehensive database of exercise that provides clear instructions and pictures all within the convenience of your iPhone mobile device. We all know that having a regular exercise is essential to stay fit and become healthy. Most experts would even recommend changing workout routines on a regular basis to keep the body from growing accustomed to the traditional old routines. In this way, things will be more enjoyable and interesting.


Hiring personal trainers can be expensive as well. Attempting to use new exercises would be dangerous without the assistance of the trainers since it may lead to an ineffective workout or strain.

Nevertheless, with iFitness application, all of the above problems now have the solutions!


User Interaction:

iFitness application provides images of people doing more than 200 forms of exercises. The images are sorted accordingly to the exact muscles it targets and by body region. Users will just simply choose a target and tap on the exercise they preferred. Afterwards, a picture of exercised chosen will be presented and displayed. To flip and reveal, clearly the worded instructions, just double tap the image. The worded instructions are usually on a systematic.


Users can even add-up or customized their workout list. They can even make various workouts for different days of the week. Through this, users are ensured that their complete workout is always available.

If users prefer to track their progress, they can tap the log icon and easily record their progress. The data is usually saved and presented in an easy and understandable form. Moreover, the data can also be sent to the users’ email in just one finger tapping.


The iFitness application in iPhone has 10 registered routines of exercises. All of these routines are performable for the users. Moreover, these routines target everything from weight loss to building strength. For those users who frequently travel, iFitness has an available equipment-free routine for you.


User Interface:

iFitness application has many built-in features that users can have interfaced with. Here is a list of that features:

  • The application had more than 200 unique exercise routines compared to any other applications.
  • It has clear images of people doing each of the exercise routine and is supported with full text instructions.
  • It is smartly designed with logging feature to track and record the users’ progress.
  • It has the ability to add or customize the users own list of exercises and be able to track it.
  • The exercises in this application are sorted by the exact muscles and body region targeted such as back, arms, abs, and more.
  • It has the ability to create multiple customized workouts.
  • It contains 10 exercise routines with varying objectives such as abs definition, strength building, weigh loss, and more.
  • It has the function of emailing the users’ workout logs.
  • It has the ability to add or customize photo for exercise from the iPhone’s photo library or camera.
  • It can graph the users’ workout results to give encouragement boost needed by the users.
  • It has a stopwatch timer that helps keep track the in-between sets of the users’ resting time.
  • It has a weight monitor function that keeps track the weight changes of the users and graph the results as well.
  • ifitness-iphone-app

Utility and Productivity:

Compared to other applications, iFitness has the lowest price around. The images of the people doing the exercises in this application do not contain confusing illustrations. It has a usable design and interface that can be used in a gym. It contains a comprehensive of features that are not found elsewhere. These features include a detailed exercise guide, tracking, and routines. iFitness also has a built-in weigh tracker application.


With the latest version of iFitness application, more 20 added new exercises include free weight, machine, kettle bell, and stretches. One of its newest features is the BMI calculator/tracker, which can be found under the “extras” tab. Some bugs have been fixed as well on this application. Features that are still under development for this application include more routines, more exercises, and more improvements.



(8.0 out of 10) iFitness application is definitely a perfect choice for workout management since users are able to add and customize their own list of exercises and routines with this application. With this, fitness habits of the users will not get crucial. iFitness is a great steal for both beginners and advanced users of iPhone mobile device.


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