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Name: Email Writer Pro 1.0


Email Writer Pro 1.0 is an email editor application available in iPhone devices for writing letter, memos, templates, and email drafts. It is always available everywhere and anywhere.


User Interaction:

Email Writer Pro 1.0 application allows users to experience the liberty of possessing instant access to thousands of significant email drafts, notes, videos, photos, papers, letters, memos, and template right at the convenience of their pocket.


User Interface:

Email Writer Pro 1.0 application runs on iPhone as long as the latest software update is available on the mobile device. Here is a list of the features that users can use as interface guide:

  • The application has an advanced and easy-to-use interface.
  • It can edit and view multiple email text files all the same time.
  • It can create email templates and drafts for sending anytime.
  • It can upload hundreds of email templates all at the same time with the use of zip files.
  • It can send any stored email text just by tapping the Email button.
  • It can view multiple documents all at the same time such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • It can view multiple files all at the same time such as TIFF, PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
  • It can adjust the color balance, temperature, luminosity, and saturation of any image.
  • It can redo or undo buttons for redo/undo of image changes.
  • It has the ability to play MPEG4 videos like 3gp, mpv, mov, and mp4.
  • It automatically caches/archives all opened documents for next time resume.
  • It can load huge PDF files with sizes of up to 40,000KB in just few seconds.
  • It has an online user guide that comes with systematic screenshots.
  • It can create an unlimited number of subfolders and folders.
  • It can delete any document or folder just by sling over from left to right.
  • It can browse thousands of documents on the hard disk of iPhone device.
  • It can upload and download documents through its built-in Wi-Fi web server.
  • It can edit text in landscape or portrait mode.
  • It can enter full screen mode by doubling the tap on the title bar.
  • It can easily switch in between documents just by sliding over the title bar.
  • It works easily with all international texts.
  • It can rename or compress a folder by tapping the icon.
  • It can back-up thousands of files using its built-in zip compression.
  • It can upload hundreds of files in one time using zip uncompress.
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Utility and Productivity:

Email Writer Pro 1.0 is more than just an email editor application. It also provides the capability to store thousands of files that include plain text, MPEG4, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF. These files are stored in iPhone on a hierarchical system for mobile bibliography, reminders, videos, photos, research papers, meeting notes, and class notes. The application also include a built-in Wi-Fi web server for uploading, downloading, or viewing files from any of the local web browsers with password protection either on PC or Mac computers. Users just have to enter the iPhone URL on the web browser and they are instantly connected for transferring or viewing files.



(9.0 out of 10.0) Email Writer Pro 1.0 application is one handy utility for iPhone users. It is designed to easily create email drafts and other writer or editing purposes. Most likely, the application can even store thousands of various electronic files.


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