SpongeBob Tickler iPhone App Review

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Name: SpongeBob Tickler


SpongeBob Tickler is an application especially designed and available to iPhone mobile devices. It is owned by the Nickelodeon. Everyday, this application is getting 3,000-download rate from the iTunes Store, thus making it three download applications every minute. The application is available under the entertainment category in App Store.

SpongeBob Tickler application was released in December 12, 2008 and currently ranking as one of the funniest entertainment applications every developed for iPhone platform. Developers of iPhone have created this application for the purpose of fun and utilization of iPhone’s multi-touch technology and built-in accelerometer.

User Interaction:

The SpongeBob Tickler application is a virtual friend residing in your iPhone mobile device. Basically, this friend of yours is just living inside your pocket. You just have to stretch, poke, and shake the SpongeBob Squarepants to make him dance as you play your favorite music in his record player.

User Interface:

The SpongeBob Tickler application has an easy interface. Users just have to slide their finger on the iPhone’s screen and then Sponge Bob follows it with through his eyes. Tapping Sponge Bob will make him talk. Tapping the screen will make Sponge Bob blow the bubble. As you tilt your iPhone, Sponge Bob hangs on the sides. To stretch his face, users can zoom on Sponge Bob.

The new release of SpongeBob Tickler application has many new features that include new animations, new characters, mini games, and explore bikini bottom. There are more features included such as:

  • Tilting, shaking, and tapping Sponge Bob will make him react to the users.
  • Dressing up Sponge Bob with the Bikini bottom accessories and outfits.
  • Saving customized creations and showing them to friends or use them as wallpaper of the iPhone device.
  • Krabby Patty is flipping at the Krusty Krab.
  • While the iPhone device is hold on sideways, the snail buddy slides by.
  • Users can go jelly fishing with Patrick.
  • Sponge Bob can be split into two and spin him around.
  • All new set of sponge-tastic animations that are waiting to be discovered.
  • The Squid ward is available for bubble blowing using the iPhone microphone.
  • Background scenes can be changed or customized accordingly to the users’ bikini bottom locations.
  • spongebob-tickler-iphone-app

Utility and Productivity:

The SpongeBob Tickler application brings the comical character into your iPhone mobile device. It offers a simple yet amazing application that offers the funniest and cutest virtual underwater buddy who will entertain you when you get bored.

Nowadays, SpongeBob Tickler application is invading the platform of most iPhone users. It is because the controversial cartoon character of Sponge Bob is very famous for both children and adults. Since Nickelodeon is known for adding social features on their casual gaming sites, it partnered with companies like Mobui in bringing their virtual versions of cartoon series to iPhone application for kids’ enjoyment.


(8.0 of 10.0) If you were crazy about the comic character of Sponge Bob then the SpongeBob Tickler application would be great for you. It is not only an application of game about Sponge Bob but also allows you to explore the happiest place under the sea and rest of the Bikini Bottom Gang that includes Patrick and Krabby Patty.


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