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Name: TextTwist Turbo


Here comes the world’s favorite game in a more updated version, the TextTwist Turbo! TextTwist game had now landed into your iPhone as one of the most popular word games of all time. It had hit more than five million people in the world. This game application can also be downloaded into your Mac or PC computers.

Turbo is a classic fun word game application that had stirred 100,000s of players all over the world with its brain-teasing actions and laid-back style. With this game application, you can create words out of letters given and progress for much longer words and larger challenges. It is the perfect game for those puzzle games, wordsmiths, and crossword fans as well as those people who are just looking for an exciting cerebral exercise.

User Interaction:

The TextTwist Turbo game application has Two very fun game modes to offer with many hours of verbal exercise. The first mode is the basic puzzle that allows users to create words of various lengths from the list of letters you have been provided by the application. The longer the words the users create, the faster they can move on to the next level of challenge. The second mode is the twist puzzle that gives the users sets of letters that they can twist into words that are more complete. Once the users have solved the words enough, new letters are set to open up for them to wordify.

User Interface:

For those online fans of jumble games, the TextTwist Turbo game application is a genuine recommendation. However, the interface of this game application has excessive eye-soaring graphics and too much animation. To some users this cannot be well suited but to some it can be a fun experience. Among the features included in this game application are the following:

  • The application has Two gaming modes: the, the Twist Puzzle and the Basic Word Puzzle.
  • It unlocks awards as the users advanced throughout the game and solved the word puzzles.
  • It contains thousands of words to solve.
  • It has high score tracking for the users.
  • It is now available in various languages like French, Italian, German, Spanish, and English.
  • It had fixed some small issues before that the game has.
  • It is now compatible with the Software Update of iPhone mobile device.
  • It allows the users to listen up to their favorite iTunes songs while playing the game.

Utility and Productivity:

The application usually takes 6-7 seconds before it can be loaded on the iPhone mobile device. In this game, users keep swapping the letters around until they can form a word to gain scores.

As users play the TextTwist Turbo game application repeatedly, pop-up notifications are being displayed that stop the game wherein the users must dismiss from the application manually. This interruption jars occasionally, which maximize the frustration factor of the users.


(9.0 out 10) TextTwist Turbo is truly a relaxing and fun game. So, grab a copy now! Exercise and enhance your brain’s dictionary and thesaurus.


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