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Name: Compass Go


Compass Go app is an application in iPhone that displays the distance and direction to a point of interest. It is also a navigation utility, a sun compass, and a GPS compass with built-in magnetic declination indicator.

User Interaction:

Compass Go is a perfect source for your car parking in festival events, forest tracking, in a beach or any situation that map is not a great help. With this iPhone application, users can also send their current location to a friend without using the map. Users can also find an apartment through this application as well as other establishments like restaurants, gas stations, grocery store, shopping malls, and many more.

User Interface:

Compass Go is the perfect iPhone application that can lead you to your specific place. Simply by using an arrow, users can easily read the map in this application. Tapping the “Set Target” and “Use Current Location” functions, the current location of the user is automatically display. In finding the way back, users just have to watch the target arrow and the changing of distance. Once a user is getting closer to his or her specific destination, the background of the application simple changes from blue then to orange then to green. Here is a list of the application features that users can use for their interface guide:

  • Simple Altitude Meter
  • Simple Speed Meter
  • Emailing current location to others
  • Bookmarking current location via email
  • Viewing positions in the map application with walking or driving directions
  • Built-in Magnetic declination indicator – compensates for the local declination wherever the users are
  • Multi-purpose navigation helper utility
  • Geocache Search Tool – use to set target coordinates manually
  • Target finding device
  • Accurate sun compass
  • Simple GPS compass
  • compass-go

Utility and Productivity:

The iPhone’s application of Compass Go continuously read the position or destination of the users. It updates the screen as well continuously. Once the application is set to “ON”, the compass starts rotating and assumes that the users point top of the iPhone device to the current heading. Users are also allowed to enter a GPS coordinate on the application, which is very useful especially if the users are doing other things like using the coordinates of the map or geocaching.

As the background of the application changes, it signifies that users are already getting closer to their destinations. The green color signifies that the destination is already less than 20 meters or 22 yards closer. The orange signifies that the destination is already less than 100 meters of 110 yards closer or within the current accuracy limit. Once the destination of the users is less than 2 meters, the direction of the arrow immediately appears.

In using the Compass Go application, users must ensure to walk in a straight line in able to get accurate location readings as much as possible. The sun compass feature of this application gives the confirmation of direction to the users. Usually, the application works quite well whenever there is good network coverage in the area. In addition, users must have to move above the accuracy limit in able to get a new reading.

The Compass Go application can also be used together with an ordinary compass to be able to achieve the exact and target destination reading.


(7.0 out 10.0) With Compass Go application, getting directions or do a barrel roll, and even get coordinates into your hands would not be that hard and confusing anymore especially if the maps that you have brought with you are not useful enough. If you love traveling, make sure that you have this application installed in your iPhone device so you can reach any place easily and conveniently.


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