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Name: ProCamera


If you want a professional camera feature in your iPhone mobile device then download a copy of the ProCamera application from the App Store. With this application, you can take pictures of yourself using a timer, silent and auto-level the shutter, burst mode, and digitally zoom in on objects and people.

User Interaction:

ProCamera app in iPhone brings the enhanced features of iPhone camera to users. It gives users the incredible amount of control over the camera. To some users, the application is the best add-on application in iPhone mobile device. ProCamera application in iPhone has two versions, which are the version 2.0 and the version 1.0.0 to 1.1.4.

User Interface:

ProCamera is a fresh and highly sophisticated application for iPhone since it takes full advantage of the software and hardware resources of iPhone mobile device. It enables the users to achieve photos with the highest quality that is only restricted by the camera hardware itself.

The user interface of ProCamera application in iPhone is very easy to use and very clear, which gives users a professional experience of the iPhone photography.

With ProCamera application, you can expect everything that includes the following features:

  • Free customer support
  • Free and lifetime upgrades
  • Silent shutter with shutter sound off
  • Auto-horizon that always level the photos
  • Leveler that displays the motion sensor information
  • Set Image Size
  • Black & White color filter
  • Digital Zoom that can reach up to 20x magnification
  • Burst Mode with on and off functions
  • Self-Timer with on and off functions

Utility and Productivity:

ProCamera application in iPhone has many built-in features that bring many benefits for the users. Here are some of some benefits that users can enjoy:

  • The application produces photos with high resolution. It allows the users to view first the photos prior saving it in the iPhone background and while working on the other photos just as along as the application is not close.
  • It has a self-timer that the users can set into a number of seconds. A beep will start for the last 5 seconds of the set timer.
  • It has an anti-shake function or the Shake Free Precision feature that the users can set to low medium or high.
  • It allows tapping anywhere on the screen for a camera shoot. This benefit works best if the users do not feel like moving their finger at the bottom of the iPhone device.
  • It contains a tilt-o-meter function where there is an on-screen level that shows the users the on-screen level of the current tilt with the horizon. With this function, straight photos are produced all the time.
  • It takes great photos in areas with low light.
  • It takes sharp images with extreme close-ups
  • iphone-procamera


(9.0 out 10.00)

ProCamera is a great application in iPhone mobile device for those who love photography and keeping photo memories. This application will surely have more and more features to include when it comes to image usability and quality in iPhone mobile device.


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