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There are lots of note taking apps available in Google Play Store. If to provide a piece of advice, always choose one that not only offers great features but is also responsive and easy to use. QwickNote Pro for Android is one such feature rich productivity application that also supports file attachments and speech-to-text input to go with other features. You can get QwickNote Pro app developed by Arbezone for $2.53 from Google Play Store.


QwickNote Pro for Android let you take quickly take notes, lists, tasks and set reminders. Editing is a breeze to jump in and out of plus it syncs with a few cloud tools. QwickNote Pro for Android sports a responsive and easy swipe based use interface. The speech-to-text input helps you take notes without typing anything. You can add up to three attachments per note. One of its best features is the ability to pin your important notes on the home screen using the home screen widget. When you open the app for the first time, you’ll be welcomed by its guided tutorial. The swipe based UI helps you access some of the features pretty easily. For example, simply swipe from left to right to open the app’s menu, and swipe from right to left to open its folder menu. To view options for each note, swipe the note from left to right. Swipe a note to the opposite direction to delete the note.

QwickNote Pro App for Android

QwickNote Pro app also has an option to set reminders that include one-time reminders and repeating reminders. It is also possible to create to-do lists for your work and day-to-day chores. Other features include the ability to syncronise/Backup with Dropbox and Google Tasks, choosing your preferred theme color and create checklists. On the flip side, QwickNote Pro does not support password protected notes. Also, it does not automatically convert URLs to active links. Further, you can’t sort your notes by date or alphabetical order.


QwickNote Pro for Android let you jolt down quick notes and reminders. It got a wonderful and easy to use UI and widget support to post important notes on your home screen. It also integrates an option to sync/back up notes with cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Tasks. However, the app does not support password protected secure notes. Also strangely lacking is an option to sort your notes alphabetically or by its created dates. Check it out if you’re looking for an efficient note taking app.

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