Root Cleaner App for Android Review

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Root Cleaner app is one of the best applications to enhance the performance of an Android gadget. Developed by Juwe11, the app has already fetched an impressive 4.4 out of 5 ratings on the Google Play Store and brings unmatched features on the board to increase the performance of the device by cleaning the system. Root Cleaner app can be downloaded for $4.36 from Google Play Store.


Root Cleaner for Android provides an idyllic user interface. The app has three tabs on the top as main, apps and info. As the name of the app suggests, it’s all about cleaning the root device to achieve a higher system performance. Once after successful installation, launch of the app begins with a home screen of options as quick cleaning and full cleaning. Quick cleaning clears the system memory, file cache, dormant folders, leftovers, useless files and empty folders, etc. without a need to reboot. On the other hand, full cleaning requires reboot, but it provides total maintenance of the system by calibrating battery, Clear dalvik cache, clean init.d folder and fixing permissions.

Root Cleaner App for Android

The impeccable feature of Root Cleaner app is to let a user have a control over the entire installed applications on the Smartphone. It provides an authorized access to freeze and unfreeze apps, uninstall apps, clean app data and many more to boost the performance of the device. Besides this, one can easily glance at the total memory, cache, data, system, external storage and read cache memory available on the device. The app supports three languages as English, Czech and Slovak.


Root Cleaner for Android is the need of the hour for a Smartphone. If you are an Android freak and adore technology, it’s worth the money to download. The app is a huge success among the technically savvy and astounds everyone with its performance. Grab a copy of Root Cleaner from Google Play Store to let your device live a smart, fast and healthy life.

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