Raise Your Own Animals with Tap Fish Sharks App for iPhone

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The whole Tap Fish series gives you control of a virtual aquarium. Using the resources at your disposal and the various breeds of fish that you have, you need to allow your fish to grow and prosper and then create new breeds by mixing the ones that you already have. Starting with fish bucks and species, you can have the chance to truly turn your aquarium into something completely unique with Tap Fish Sharks iPhone app.

Start off easy

Tap Fish Sharks app for iPhone will give you the chance to use 13 starter fish with 8 fish bucks in order to get things done. Species will include whales, sharks and stingrays although there are other species available as well. Your goal is to take that starter pack and turn it into something remarkable.

Feed, breed and sell

Once you have your first fish ready to go, you need to feed and love them in order to get them to grow. You need to purchase food using fish bucks, which of course you then get from selling animals that you have raised well. You can buy other breeds of fish as well once you have enough money, eventually interbreeding in order to create completely new breeds that will be rarer and therefore more valuable than the ones you previously had.

Gain experience and level up

The actions that you take when playing Tap Fish Sharks app for iPhone will give you lots of experience. You can then use that experience to level up your aquarium in order to get even more bonuses. There are 80 different levels in all and the more you do with your game, the quicker you will be able to get through all of them.

Choose the different backgrounds with care

There are many different backgrounds and decorations that you can include with your interface to change the look and feel. Backgrounds number 19 with examples including Atlantis and Stonehenge while decorations number more than 75 including reefs, ships and castles.

Final Score

Tap Fish Sharks app for iPhone is a highly entertaining game with a great initial idea. No matter who you are, you can easily get immersed in this game to the point where you really come to love the fish that you have. That type of realism is a credit to this game and it certainly does mean that Tap Fish Sharks iPhone app is worth a final score of 8 out of 10.

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