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Although there are safety concerns when real guns are used, simulators can be used to emulate the look and feel of using a gun without any of those safety concerns. While this does give up an element of realism in favor of convenience, many people that are experienced with real guns were even pleasantly surprised when they came across iHandgun app for iPhone.

Realistic gun usage

There are many things about iPhone iHandgun app that make it a very realistic gun simulator. These include the ability for you to pull on the slide and then fire the gun, getting an accurate gunshot sound while at the same time being able to suppress the sound realistically with a silencer attachment. You can even see blowback animated accurately, listening to the gun fire and then seeing the muzzle smoke and the cartridge eject.

Once you’ve gone through all of that, you can then get some realistic reloading going by actually being able to pull out the magazine. Simple drag and/or shake the gun and you will be able to get that done. Then, you can detach the silencer, unlock the slide and let the whole thing start once again. It is a great way to simulate a gun without actually having a gun and that is an app with applications that many people can appreciate.

Lots of applications

If you’d like your children to eventually become proficient with guns at a later point in life, iHandgun iPhone mobile app is a decent way to start them off safely and teach them a few things about handling and using a gun without actually having to get them to handle a gun in the process. If you are interested in getting a feel for using a gun but don’t have one, iPhone iHandgun app can once again come in handy. In fact, any use of a gun where you could live with using a simulation instead would benefit from iHandgun app for iPhone and since those situations are many you will find that this iPhone app can be useful in many different ways.

Final Score

Not many iPhone apps can do a good job of simulating reality, but iHandgun app for iPhone is definitely one of those apps. It is not perfect, but it is a very good start. Our final score for iHandgun iPhone app is 7 out of 10.

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