Reeder 2 iPhone App Review

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If you have liked Reeder for Mac, then Reeder 2 for iPhone would also suffice your need to read though internet articles, news feeds and other interesting stuff that you would like to stay informed about. People are of the opinion that those who have liked its earlier version, would find this one pretty much the same, expect for its fast loading and functioning. If you wish to know more about it, then you will have to check the various stuffs that have been configured within the latest version. It must be said that the app is not free for iOS users and one would have to buy it for a price of $4.99 in order to own it.


First of all, Reeder iPhone app is supported by thousands of RSS supports. However, for those who would not like to use a third-party service, the local/standalone RSS is also supported by the app. The look has been changed by quite a bit and there is a huge thematic difference. The various themes that has been used include Dark, Light, Classic, White and Black. Whatever you read and whatever you like, you can share with your friends at anytime and anyplace. The various sharing services that this app supports include Instapaper, Buffer, Safari reading list, Evernote, Zootool, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Messages and many more.

Reeder 2 iPhone App

Reeder app offers support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus support. So, having the same would benefit from the app. Support have been arranged for Landscape mode as well; however, it is only for iOS 8. The share sheet is more and less the same, but there is “More..” option that we can see in the Reeder’s share panel. Those have suffered enough because of the bugs in the previous version, this version will please you with the bugs that has been fixed especially for iOS 8. The authentication error handling does not work that great.


Reeder app for iPhone has been termed as quite versatile and with repeated days of use, one is sure to love it more and more. While navigating through the various pages and articles, the app loads at record time. The app buyers have loved the fact that the app worked great in motion. Thus, it is perfect if you are on the bus or on the run. The toolbar animations are perfect and their loading time isn’t too much or too late. With constant updates of the app, it has got chances to become more and more perfect for iOS.

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