League of Stickman Samurai Android Game Review

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League of Stickman – Samurai for Android is an action game that guarantees much but brings little more than casual entertainment. League of Stickman help the intrepid hero fight multitude of wicked demons and crush the prevailing demon king. Choose one of many on hand characters and fight the forces of evil. League of Stickman is available for download at Google Play for $0.99. It offers in-app purchases too.


League of Stickman is an uncomplicated side-scroller. The game has nix story at all. It hardly even has stickmen, and that is right in the title. There are four special attacks per character, which help with chiefly intense groups of bad characters, but, to the side, from that, conflict is what you would look forward to from a side-scrolling action game. The raison d’être League of Stickman is a “screen toucher” is because you can plainly hold your thumb down on the assault icon and not raise it for the whole level. With lively, layered backgrounds and runny animations, the game, as a minimum feels, like loads of work was put into it. At the same time the character designs are based on that most improbable of internet action heroes, the stickman, they are overstated with armor and armaments. It’s a fastidious stability, and being able to toggle between controlling different characters assists alleviate some of the repetitiveness, but in the end there’s just not a whole lot to do.

League of Stickman Samurai Android Game

You can upgrade your particular moves and provide your heroes with the booty you pillage, but nothing happens to proceed or change the game experience in any way. You can let loose new heroes, but you require a lot of gems for that, and gems are agonizingly tricky to come across, so you will be wedged with the sword guy and the bow guy for a long time. But the game does not ask for permission to make In-app Purchases for nothing, for the reason that you can acquire gems with real money, albeit you previously paid one time for the game.


League of Stickman game for Android is pleasurable. It’s just not enjoyable for very long. Every level pursues the same progression: exterminate bad guys, move forward, destroy more bad guys, move forward, execute boss and get the booty. It might get you through a morning travel on public conveyance, but it will not keep hardcore gamers contented.

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