Tweetbot 3 for Twitter iPhone App Review

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Tweetbot 3 for Twitter iPhone app provides all style of cool features for Twitter that you can make use of on a day by day basis for wide-ranging management of multiple Twitter accounts. Tweetbot 3 for iPhone is available for download at iTunes for $4.99.


Setup is pretty uncomplicated on Tweetbot 3 iPhone app. Download and as you launch the app it will ask you which accounts already configured in iOS’s system-wide Twitter account list you’d want to add, or prompt you to set one up if none present. Twitter, of course, already has all your account information, so it doesn’t feel the need to ask. It will use all the accounts already set up in iOS. The real difference in the setup is in the animations. The main timeline of Tweetbot 3 has a brand new lighter appearance with a white background and crisp typography. The tweets comply with Apple’s system-wide font sizing controls under Dynamic Type Size if you desire to fit more on the page. One key change that can be noticed is that there is only a single directional swipe (right to left) to get bigger Twitter conversations now. It takes some getting used to if you normally used the replies view, but it’s less baffling over all.

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter iPhone App

Tweetbot 3 for Twitter iPhone app also features background tweet obtaining using Apple’s new APIs. This means that you will see your newest tweets as soon as you open the app, a foremost upgrading on the old actions of “open and refresh”. Tapping on a tweet still rolls down the quick-action pane and tapping-to-hold offers extra features like copying links. This social networking app contains very handy Mute Filters which can be used to block messages, hash tags, keywords, and more from your contacts without unfollowing them. This is a great way of easily filtering the content that you receive. The personality of Tweetbot 3 does not translate to screenshots, but it shines on tangible usage. Frosty panes of translucency are used when suitable, like the accounts screen and profile views. It all feels crisp and futuristic


The exceedingly useful and feature-rich nature of Tweetbot 3 for Twitter iPhone app, fortunately, has remained in full force. This is beyond doubt the preferential client of Twitter power users in every way. There’s no comparison between the utility of Tweetbot 3 and the Twitter apps that are presently offered for iOS. On the contrary, we wouldn’t mind a distinct font-size control contained by the app, unconnectedly from the system controls.

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