Repainter Android App Review

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On Android 12, Repainter for Android app allows you to set custom accent colours. The software attempts to unleash the full power of dynamic colouring, from selecting colours outside of the current wallpaper to adjusting brightness and colour saturation. The app takes use of a flaw in the Fabricated Overlay API that lets non-root shell users apply dynamically produced colour and dimension overlays. As a result, using Repainter without root access may be doable, albeit the process isn’t as simple as you might assume. To get the requisite shell-level access, you’ll need to use a solution like Shizuku. All Android 12 ROMs, including OEM skins like Samsung One UI, Xiaomi’s MIUI, and OnePlus’ OxygenOS, are compatible with Repainter.

Customizable dynamic theming

The Repainter app attempts to give users significantly more control over the colours of the Material You. It allows you to choose your own colour and adjust the brightness and colour of your theme. Advanced settings for tweaking the theme colours’ behavior are also available in the app. The ability to utilise unique colours is probably Repainter’s standout feature. The standard Google implementation is pretty subdued, so this “Boosted” profile helps to widen the Repainters effect and make it more visible across all aspects of Android 12 – something that truly helps your themes shine more than the stock implementation’s occasionally dull pastel hues. This allows for further theme experimentation while yet allowing you to have a distinct non-related wallpaper configuration if desired.

Repainter Android App Review

Complete control over Android 12

Repainter can also react to live wallpapers, unlike the somewhat static color-changing seen in the Material You implementation. This can cause issues, but by restricting real-time changes, a toggle guarantees that energy use isn’t excessive and that your app doesn’t crash all the time. Other options for modification include adjusting the hues’ vibrancy and brightness, changing colorless behavior, and adding a tint backdrop. You may also activate the “Delay live wallpaper changes” checkbox to have the app wait until the screen shuts off before changing the wallpaper. It comes in handy if you’ve rooted your phone and are seeking for a means to change the theme. Setting a custom secondary theme colour allows you to customize system accenting to areas where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to edit or adjust. The app is priced $3.49 to download from Google Play Store.

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