GTA Chinatown Wars iPhone App Review

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is a fast-paced, tough, and violent action game for iOS in which you play as a teenage hood out to avenge his mafia father’s murder. It You play as Huang Lee, the son of a recently deceased Triad boss, and you’ve been flown to Liberty City to deliver an item to your uncle, which is very deadly. Huang, on the other hand, is soon robbed, attacked, and left for dead, forcing him to confront both his enraged uncle and a crime-ridden metropolis in which he must establish himself as a rising gangster. The majority of the game is stealing automobiles, driving across Liberty City, avoiding cops, and fighting other gangs, but a diverse set of tasks keeps things interesting throughout.

Well-made storyline

You won’t run out of stuff to do in the game just because you finished the campaign. You have access to side quests, supplementary jobs, and unlockable, and fulfilling them all will take days. Working as a police officer, taxi driver, ambulance driver, drug smuggler, and tattoo artist are just a few of the vocations offered. You can also take a break from the campaign to work on these side projects at any moment. The iPhone version combines the original DS game’s touch-based capabilities with the PSP port’s high-quality visuals to create the greatest version of the game ever. On the iPhone’s touch screen, the minigames like carjacking, scratch cards, Molotov cocktail creation, and tattooing perform well.

GTA Chinatown Wars iPhone App Review

Great gaming experience!

You may even personalize the controls to your liking. The entire city is available for gamers to explore right away. In traditional GTA fashion, if you spot a car, simply take it and drive it — there may be consequences, but everything with wheels is yours to drive. Chinatown Wars also has a surprisingly enjoyable and well-developed drug economy, although one that has a strong resemblance to the classic graphing calculator game Drug Wars. In Chinatown Wars, you’ll spend a lot of time purchasing and selling narcotics all throughout the city. There are scratch-off lottery tickets to try your luck with, as well as chance meetings with pedestrians who will have a variety of questions for you to answer. Overall the gameplay has been excellent with the touch controls are decent, and the camera view of 3D buildings, traffic, and pedestrians is spectacular. The game is priced $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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