PT Content Master iPhone App Review

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PT Content Master for iPhone is an iOS application designed to help physical therapists master basic academic content. Physical Therapist Content Master is an excellent resource for physical therapy students, new graduates, and practicing physical therapists. Physical Therapist Content Master is a programme designed to help physical therapists master basic academic content. The Physical Therapist Content Master programme includes a test mode with 750 multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question offers four distinct answers as well as an explanation for the right response. The multiple-choice questions are intended to test a user’s understanding of the knowledge offered in the content review mode.

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Each category has a different number of questions, ranging from 25 to 175 in total. Users may rapidly evaluate questions by topic area using our Content Tag functionality (i.e., special tests, cranial nerves, pulmonary function tests). A formal score report summarizes a physical therapist’s overall degree of expertise, by category, and over time. Each report offers customers with useful performance statistics that they may use to measure their current level of academic knowledge. Frequent use of the app significantly increases a physical therapist’s knowledge base and offers the essential foundation for moving on to higher level licensing-related topics. Scorebuilders is a physical therapist-owned business that focuses only on preparing students for the National Physical Therapy Examinations.

PT Content Master iPhone App Review

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Musculoskeletal System, Neuromuscular System, Cardiopulmonary System, Other Systems, Equipment and Devices, Therapeutic Modalities, Safety and Protection, Professional Responsibilities, and Research are the nine distinct system and non-system categories in which the academic content is structured. Scorebuilders owns the rights to Physical Therapist Content Master. They sell the most review items and provide the most review courses of any organisation. Scorebuilders has been steadily growing for three decades and is the industry leader in physical therapy licencing preparation. Scorebuilders provides applicants with the knowledge and insight they need to succeed on their first attempt at becoming a licenced physical therapist. Physical therapists can design their remedial exercises using the Study Stack function. Add desirable academic information or difficult multiple-choice questions to your Study Stack and keep an eye on your academic expertise. The app is priced $29.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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