Simple Gallery Pro Photos Android App Review

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Simply Gallery Pro for iPhone is a photo management app for Google Android smartphones that works well as a replacement for Google Photos if you don’t need the sync feature. The app loads rapidly and organises the local media into folders like Camera, Screenshots, Whatsapp Images, and Download. The thumbnail image for each folder is the most recent image. It supports a wide range of image and video file types, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, SVG, and many others. You may use the search feature to find files fast, and you can also use filters to limit the types of files displayed in the interface. You may use the menu to create new folders, which you can use to better manage the material on the device.

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The recycling bin is visible by default, but you can hide it if you choose. It can be used to recover photos or videos that have been mistakenly erased. When you tap on a folder, the interface displays all of the media in columns. The ability to change the column size is a fantastic feature of Simple Gallery Pro. Instead of three columns of images or videos, you can use the increase option to display five or 10 columns at once, resulting in a large number of image or video thumbnails without having to scroll. You may use a pin, pattern, or your device’s fingerprint scanner to limit who can see or modify chosen photographs and videos, as well as access sensitive files, with Simple Gallery Pro’s enhanced security features.

Simple Gallery Pro Photos Android App Review

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Simple Gallery Pro app’s options make routine actions like moving, removing, and rotating a breeze, as they just require a few touches to complete. When you tap on an image or video, it appears right away, and you may use swipe actions to go to the next or previous one. You can delete individual media or several items by selecting them all at once, share images, favourite images, or alter the image using the built-in image editor. The editor has the standard features, such as rotate, resize, and filters, but none of the advanced features. You can use the built-in hiding option to protect media on the device by looking up detailed information about images, such as EXIF values or original resolution. You can also create slideshows and use the built-in hiding option to look up detailed information about images, such as EXIF values or original resolution. Overall, Simple Gallery Pro for Android is a fantastic photo management tool. The app is priced just $0.49 to download from Google Play Store.

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