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If you want ring tones on your Android device be customized or would want to create your own, Ringdroid app can help you. This Android app lets you edit any MP3s on your Android device and turn it into a ring tone. You can also record a new sound and revert it into a ring tone, notification, or even an alarm. Ringdroid is the sole graphical waveform editor on mobile devices.


User Interaction:


Ringdroid app is intended for Android devices to create or customize ring tone. It is an application where you can easily manipulate existing songs or tunes on Android devices. You can also create shorter clips into a perfect ring tone or notification.


Upon installation of Ringdroid application in your Android device, it automatically displays you a list of all songs or tunes in your device. The songs can be scrolled up and down in alphabetical order of song titles. Searching for specific songs is also possible by sliding out the device and entering the song name.


If you have plenty of songs on your Android device, you may want to select first that you will turn into a ring tone prior to opening of the app. Once you have decided for the song, just simply select it, and enter it on the Ringdroid app.


In Ringdroid application, you have two sliders for dragging wherever you prefer in the song. These sliders can be contracted or expanded as much as you want to, making it very easy to create both a notification and a ring tone. Skipping further in the song can be done by pressing the zoom out button. To make things simple and nice, you can use a trackball from the slider selection list to line it up. After the creation is done, you can save the ring tone or notification and have it assigned to a particular category.


Ringdroid app is definitely a must for download for Android devices and one of the best apps for ringtones.

User Interface:

Ringdroid is a free app for Android devices. Its intuitive interface enables users to customize and create their own ring tones or notifications directly and quickly from their Android devices. The ring tones or notifications can be in forms of ARM, WAV, 3GPP, and MP3 files, which can be loaded either on the device or from the SD card.

The interface of Ringdroid app allows users to set the start and ending notes of the ring tone they are currently editing or customizing. It can be done by simply sliding the arrows along the onscreen timeline and then tapping the buttons of Start and End to record the song.

Here are some features of Ringdroid app that can be useful as interface guide:

  • The application can open a current audio file.
  • It can display up to 5x zoom levels a waveform demonstration of an audio file that is scrollable.
  • It can set beginning and ending points for a song within an audio file with the use of a touch interface that is optional.
  • It can play the chosen portion of the audio file that includes the auto-scrolling of the waveform and the indicator cursor.
  • It can be played everywhere by simply tapping the screen.
  • It can save old audio file into a new one and can be marked as Notification, Alarm, Ringtone or Music.
  • It can record a another audio file for editing.
  • It can delete audio file with authorization alert.
  • It can launch automatically.


Utility and Productivity:

Ringdroid app is highly compatible with Android devices. It can be manipulated directly on Android devices when it comes to creation of ring tones as well as editing and recording of sounds. It is implemented in original Java programs. It serves as an excellent demonstration of what is more possible with Android devices when it comes to technology wise. Identically, Ringdroid application works on the emulator and mobile G1 devices such as Android.

Ringdroid application uses the Android SDK in recording, playing, and searching media files. Android SDK is used in playing the audio files. Apparently, the Android SDK does not include any functionality for decompressing and opening compressed audio files. Because of this, the application only implements for natural Java audio file parsers. Parsers do not decompress audio files completely instead, they need to frame and parse headers. In addition, parsers need just enough information from every audio frame in creating crude representation of the waveform.

Ringdroid app has an audio file library that copies the entire audio frames from the original files and forms them into a valid file with similar format. The library also allows you to save file. With the natural or original Java codes, there is no occurrence of compression or decompression of audio files.



(9.0 out of 10) Customizing or creating your favorite ring tone for your Android device is greatly possible with Ringdroid. If you are a mobile music junkie then this application will definitely works for you as one the best apps for ring tones!

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