Riptide GP2 Android Game App Review

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Riptide GP 2 for Android is the game you ought to experience, in fact, recognizable for fans of the primary game. Riptide GP 2 is an, beyond doubt, exciting label. The first fat, conspicuous change from the first game is the new-fangled tricks system. The game is available for download on Android from Google Play for $1.99.


Perhaps the best new features in terms of game play are the depth. In Riptide GP 2 for Android, there are a couple of ways to play. You can race in career mode, which features over 30 races and a total of 102 stars to earn. There is also an online multiplayer mode where you can race head to head against opponents. You can even request up to 3 friends to race you. Each race earns you XP, which is used to level up and release new tricks, and money, which can be used to upgrade the Jet Ski. The graphics in Riptide GP 2 are actually really good. They are sharp, colorful, and they even included that cool water-on-the-camera graphic they used in the first game. The sound was acceptable. In Riptide GP 2, you can unlock a number of fun tricks through game play. You can then take the ones you’ve unlocked and set which are the ones your rider can actually do. They are carried out by means of different screen swipes using both hands. As with the first game, tricks produce boost power, but the more complicated the trick, the more boost you get.

Riptide GP2 Android Game App Review

According to Vector Unit, the game will look even superior on NVIDIA’s Project Shield. So if you get your hands on one of those, this is another Tegra 4 optimized game to check out. While the graphics are improved, it still looks a lot like the first game. The lean controls and the physics have not altered a vast deal from the first iteration. You can toggle to touch controls if you’d be keen on, yet those still feel akin to the older game. So in stipulations of controls, nothing much is altered there.


There is so much to do and it is very well set together. The game play, the customization, the Play Games Services addition and the online multiplayer combined together gives this game a console feeling. Feeling like a console game is kind of Holy Grail for mobile games and Riptide GP 2 Android app does quite fine at that. The controls do feel improved and the tilt sensitivity is enjoyable setting to play with, but fans of the first won’t get any bombshell.

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