Rocket Player Premium Audio Android App Review

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There are quite a few numbers of audio players which have been flooding the app market with extra and more extra features. Rocket Player Premium Audio app is surely a premium audio player in the run with its own sugar and spice. Rocket Player Premium Audio app for Android is available for download from Google Play for $0.30.


Interfaces are the most important aspect of any app and this meets all specification. The first impression gives an awesome description as Rocket Player Premium Audio for Android displays an admirably clean interface, a prerequisite for any mobile app considering the size of the screen, even in its free tier. The app features an uncluttered and in-depth design which meets its objective of fine tuning for playing good music. There are themes by default which you can choose from. The dark theme looks as pretty as it does in other applications. The other theme has brushed metal appearance evocative of older version. Unlock and get premium themes. It comprises of most of the functions like, a built-in 10 band equalizer, library search and management tools, podcast support, as well as home and lock screen widgets which are also amongst the normal features besides a tag editor, which isn’t visible in most of the players.

Rocket Player Premium Audio Android App Review

The interface of Rocket Player Premium Audio Android app is quite easy to become skilled at so you spend less time shuffling for the right song and more time enjoying it. Cross-fading, replay gain, limiter, balance control are added features you can dwell on. You can find a friend in the app seamlessly synchronizing your favorite music which integrates with your library. Lock screen buttons make the control easier along with home screen widgets. A video browser and player add to the functionality which is already rocking with smoothness, control and not to mention delight of easy handling. Combine nicely with a built-in tag editor for search and filtering by artist, album or folder, with a nice scrolling familiarity. Get variable gapless playback speeds for your podcasts. The bonus side to Rocket Player Premium Audio App for Android, though, is that the whole thing is smooth and fast.


If you’re looking for something fresh and sleek with more heart on functionality than graphics, Rocket Player Premium Audio app for Android may be for you. It asserts the fact that you’d most certainly go by its uncluttered interface and smooth functions. This music player allows you to listen without getting in the way.

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