Vertical Divide iPhone Game App Review

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Vertical Divide app for iPhone is a fun number puzzle game that will get your brain working. If you are a fan of number games in general, and loved game such as Threes!, then you’ll like Vertical Divide as well. You can get the game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


To start with, the visuals of Vertical Divide for iPhone are simple and clean. It should appeal to all minimalists out there. You can’t help but notice its similarity with Threes! and this could be a turn off for few at least. But we believe the developer was deriving inspiration from the aesthetics of the popular title. The color scheme looks nice. The color of the tiles contrasts beautifully against the background. The animations are slick and smooth, while the quirky soundtrack is rather pleasant to listen to. Vertical Divide game has two modes: Classic and Strategy. While the game play remains the same in these modes, Classic spawns blocks at random, while Strategy has a specific sequence for the spawning blocks. We would suggest that you start with Classic mode before attempting Strategy as the game requires some amount of practice to get used to the game dynamics. In fact, the game comes with a rather drawn out tutorial at the beginning that would help you learn the nuances of the game.

Vertical Divide iPhone Game App Review

So what is the game play like? The game starts with some pink “1” blocks. The game spawns blue blocks at the top, and you got to move them by dragging your finger horizontally on the screen. Then you release to drop the blue tile on the board in the column you want. The blue blocks need to be placed on each other so that the bottom one is divided by the top one. You can combine blue blocks sitting next to each other so that they are a larger number. But then you also got to divide by a large number as well. The result of division then removes as many pink blocks underneath. But if you don’t divide evenly, the remainder gets added back on the board as pink blocks. Eventually, once the board gets filled to the top, and you can’t make any more moves, the game ends. The game requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Despite having only two game modes, Vertical Divide game for iPhone has lots of replay value. The game looks decent in minimalistic aesthetics while the soundtrack is fun to listen to. The unique game play is refreshing as well. There is Game center integration for leaderboards so that you can compete with other friends. The tutorial comes handy to new players. Overall, a fun number game that is worth checking out.

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