Super Sharp Game for iPhone Review

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Super Sharp for iPhone is a fun physics based puzzler that will keep you busy for a long time. In the game, you got to cut with skill to complete the 120 odd levels. If you’d liked the Cut the Rope franchise, you’ll find Super Sharp interesting as well. You can download Super Sharp for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


The visuals in Super Sharp for iPhone are clean and simple. You’ll see bright and vibrant background with basic geometric shapes in the foreground that make up each stage. But don’t get mislead with the apparent simplicity as the games are challenging. The animations are slick and smooth. The soothing tunes in the background as you play the game help you relax. The sound effects are delightful. Super Sharp for iPhone has eight different level packs, each containing about 15 puzzles each. Each pack is color coded with a matching background color. So it is easy to see how far you’d progressed. Your objective in each stage is to cut the large geometric shapes into small pieces, and get them to hit the small square targets that are scattered around at various points on the stage. As you progress, you got to get specific colors to hit the target. New game mechanics are introduced with each chapter.

Super Sharp Game for iPhone Review

The controls are intuitive. All you got to do is to drag your finger across the screen to create a dotted line, and it will cut the geometric shape into smaller pieces. Even though you can cut the shape as many times as you might need to get to the targets, the game will award you a star if you can manage to do it in a single move. The stars are needed to unlock the other level packs. So you got to be a bit strategic in your moves. Click anywhere on the screen to reveal the menu, while you can tap the top right corner to restart a level. We found the game to be pretty stable and responsive as well.


Super Sharp game for iPhone has got great replay-ability value. It also got Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements to obtain. The game play is fun as well as challenging. The graphics is decent, while the soundtrack is soothing. The controls are intuitive at best. The physics engine is pretty realistic as well. Overall, a physics based puzzle game that is worth a look in.

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