Shopping List Pro App for iPhone Review

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If an app’s name describes its functionality, it frees customers of lots of trouble. Shopping List Pro app for iPhone is one such application that tells what it does. It is a new player pitted against giants such as WunderList and ToDo. Shopping List Pro iPhone app may be downloaded for a nominal enough $1.99.

Shopping List Pro App Features

Does your wife keeps sending you things to buy from the supermarket on your way back from work? If so, Shopping List Pro iPhone app, with its rich set of features, might just be the right pick. The app let you add each item, quantity, and price to a list so that you won’t forget things easily. Shopping List Pro got a very friendly user interface. It is simple yet got a premium feel to it. To create a list, just tap on the ‘plus’ button at the top-right of the screen. You can add multiple lists if you want more. Options for Purchases, Feedback, and Currency Settings can be found on the bottom tool bar.

Shopping List Pro app for iPhone

You can add any number of items to a list. Each item comprises of a Name, Description, Quantity and Category. Once done with the list, the number of items will show on the app as notifications. Once you purchase an item, swipe over the item in the list to mark it as purchased. Later, you can filter purchased and non purchased items so that you’ll always know what is still left on the list. Shopping List Pro iPhone app has a built-in self-learning dictionary; it automatically saves entered items in the dictionary for future. The amazing Word prompter feature prompts you the name of items as soon as you start typing.

Further, you can duplicate existing lists of frequent purchases so that you don’t have to create it from the scratch each time. The app also lets you calculate total prices and estimate budgets with ease. You can even share lists/ items via email with others who might not have Shopping List Pro in their phones. As mentioned, you can mark an item by swiping to the right. Then swipe again to the right to delete it, or swipe left to mark it not done again.

Shopping List Pro iPhone application is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 and up.


Shopping List Pro app for iPhone could alleviate your shopping woes to a good extend. While it may not be as feature intensive as WudnerList, still it packs enough punch to take you through your shopping without missing any item. Verdict: A decent shopping to-do app that should come handy in your weekly shopping trips.

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