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Portable Document Format or PDF is an amazing way to represent documents in a form that is independent of application s/w, hardware or OS. No wonder, it is the most used format in which developers, engineers and common men prefer to share/save various documents in their PCs. The latest Web to PDF iPhone app let you convert web pages to PDF right from within your iPhone. The app comes with the necessary toolset for creating, processing, annotating and sharing PDF documents made from any web page. Web to PDF iPhone app can be downloaded for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.

Web to PDF App Features

Web to PDF app for iPhone basically let you save any webpage to PDF format. The main interface of the app is a tabbed web browser wherein you enter the URL of the webpage you wish to convert to PDF. Once you have the web page, in order to convert it to PDF, simply tap on the ‘Create PDF’ button at the bottom right. It might take few seconds for the conversion screen comes up. Now, you’ll have to name your file, and soon the converted PDF will appear in your files tab. The conversion is accurate and pretty quick.

Web to PDF App for iPhone

Once you’re through with the first conversion, you’ll see an ‘Open Document’ button at the bottom right and the ‘Add Page’ button becomes active. The most recently converted PDF remains opened in the background, and by clicking on the ‘Add Page’ button, you can add more pages to the said PDF document. This will come handy if you want to prepare a multipage PDF file from a webpage or want to club together all your bills for the month in one file. Further, the feature rich file manager let you view, sort, annotate, organize the PDF files by folders, or share it with others.

Clicking on the file opens it in the app. This is when you can add notes, highlight text, or make some simple drawing on the PDF docs. Web to PDF iPhone application also let you reorder pages in PDF document. This may be particularly useful, when you create document from different web pages. Further, you can print the PDF right from within the app, open/read it in iBooks, or send it to Dropbox. Regarding printing from the app, make sure that you make settings so that the web page would fit paper size.


Web to PDF app for iPhone converts web pages flawlessly and pretty quickly into PDF format. Annotating options and multiple sharing options comes handy. Verdict: an intriguing tool to try out, its price tag notwithstanding.

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    WritePdf will let you convert a webpage to pdf and will convert other docs as well as print or email?

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