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Sometimes simple things are the best. This is especially true in the case of note taking applications. One such simple yet useful app is SingleText for iPhone – a small application that gives you a single text window for your note. It works with iCloud so that you can centrally store the text/note and access it from any other iDevice. You can get SingleText iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

SingleText App Features

SingleText app for iPhone is your simple note taking app. One of the most notable aspects of the app is that it does not have any settings to perform. Whether it is your grocery list or important things to note down during your meeting, a URL to that funny website or a phone number, you just got to tap and type. No file names or no saving. The bottom line is that with SingleText, you can centrally store your notes and access it from your various iOS devices. A typical usage scenario will be: you jolting down some info in SingleText from iPhone, come home and view it on your iPad, add/delete something, and you again refer it back from your iPhone while you’re on the go. Apart from saving to iCloud, you can also share or send text with others via email.

SingleText App for iPhone

So what will happen if you try to edit it in iPhone and iPad almost simultaneously, may be with the help of your friend? Well, the one that is closed/saved last overwrites all previous ones. Since sync happens at the end of the session, you can’t dynamically see what the other person is typing from another device. Since only Apple has access to your contents and no third party, there is no endangerment of privacy. iPhone SingleText app is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or higher with iCloud enabled.

Final Thoughts

SingleText app for iPhone makes note taking lot easier. Since everything is saved to iCloud, you have the freedom to access it from any iDevice, anytime. SingleText does not have any settings to perform, and your entries are automatically saved at the end of the session. The option to share notes via email comes handy. Verdict: A useful note taking app that works in tandem with iCloud.

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