Size That Up App for iPhone Review

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Size That Up app for iPhone let you measure the size of any object just by taking a picture of it. Never will you be at loss to measure something because you can’t find your ruler or tape nearby. The app gives you the most precise measures without using a ruler. You can get Size That Up iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Size That Up App Features

Size That Up app for iPhone uses the device’s camera to ascertain how big an object is by clicking its photo. The app uses a ‘base item’ against which the item is measured. The base items include Credit Card, One Foot Ruler, Letter and A4 Paper sizes. Alternatively, you can create your own base item. To measure the size, first you slide a set of two sliders on either side to mark/indicate the sides of the base object. Now, you do it on the photo if the item you’re attempting to measure. However, it must be said that the sliders are a bit fidgety. The line is a bit thick, and hence you can’t precisely say if the side had perfectly coincided with the edges. In fact, the sliders themselves are fiddly and it takes some effort from your side to line it up just right. May be this is one area where Size That Up app for iPhone need some quick improvement.

Size That Up app for iPhone

Performance wise, while iPhone Size That Up app does not give perfect results, it is not too way off either. When attempted to measure my TV remote using a credit card as base item, it had given results within 0.2 inch, which is pretty good for such an app. Size That Up is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later.Size That Up also comes in a ad-supported free version.

Final Thoughts

Size That Up app for iPhone is a decent tool to measure the size of any object just by taking a picture of it. While it might not give precise measurements, still it manages to returns results that are not too way off either. The user interface is easy to use. Verdict: A pretty remarkable measuring tool. Try it out its ad-supported free version to get a feel of the app, if you don’t wish to pay upfront.

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