Six Ages iPhone Role Playing Game App Review

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Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind for iPhone is a role playing gaming app that has a mythic story strategy. The app beautifully narrates the story so you know the context. It introduces the clan members who are captured by Yu-Mergini as they were accused of violating the rules of a solar warship. They have been placed under a huge ransom 0f 90 cows else the captives will be executed in a fire cage. The plot is intriguing and you will be drawn into the world of clans, myths and warriors. You get to make the choice of the situation with several interactive scenarios.

A Plot And A Story As Intriguing And Interesting As Six Ages

Six Ages for iPhone is a brilliantly made, intriguing game play with a great plot. The story is set in Glorantha, the same fascination land that was part of 13th Age, HeroQuest, and RuneQuest. The law of physics is different and it does not go by the whims of spirits or gods. It immensely addictive game with over 400 interactive scenes. Each scene has multiple outcomes based on your choice. There are short episodes and you can play them even if you have a few minutes to spend for the game. The saga is astounding and you will have a team of personalities and advisors to help you track all the cow. The game has wealth of amazing plots that will keep you dazed.

Six Ages iPhone Game App Review

Mythic story-driven strategy

Six Ages iPhone app is the perfect sequel and implements all the lessons learnt from King of Dragon Pass. You are cast as one of the horse-riding tribes who are barbarians. You will have to act like a barbarian and think like them. The rules are different from that of the rest of the world. You will have to find the wealth or get ruined. It is a worthy game and a great successor with splendid visuals, gameplay and music. The app costs $9.99 tp download and use. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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