Slash your way to delicious victory with Fruit Ninja App for Android

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Fruit Ninja app for Android is undoubtedly a game that has stayed true to the original version that was created for the iPhone not too long ago. Because of the fact that it is a game that has stayed true to the original, you can get the same amount of enjoyment from the Android version as you would from the iPhone version. Going forward, that means that this game is probably going to end up being one of the best ones around for a long time to come.

Swipe to slice

The main goal of the Fruit Ninja Android game app is to slice all of the fruit that you see on the screen. You slice through the fruit as it is thrown up into the air by swiping your finger across the screen. Proper timing will allow you to slice through the fruit as it is hanging in the air and before it dips back below the screen. Improper timing will cause you to miss the fruit which is of course the opposite of what you want to do in order to make sure that you get all of the fruit on the screen. You can start stringing combos together by slicing multiple pieces of fruit with the same swipe and as you continue to do things like that you will find out what many people already know and it is the fact that this game is exceptionally addictive once you really get into playing it.


Android Fruit Ninja App










Multiple modes for multiple enjoyments

Android Fruit Ninja app has multiple modes available to entice different people depending on what it is they would like to get going. There is the classic mode for people that just want to play the game. There is the zen mode for people that are more interested in being somewhat laid back about things. Finally, there is the recently created arcade mode that allows you to participate in high score challenges. These arcade modes will give you the chance to really show off your combo skills because scores are multiplied for multiple swipes, giving you the chance to show off quite a bit before all has been said and done.

Final Score

Fruit Ninja is a great game and definitely a sweet pick-up for the $1.22 price tag that it currently has. Our final score for Fruit Ninja app for Android is 10 out of 10.

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