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SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android uses AI to make typing fast and reliable across 17 languages. It comes with an assortment of features such as next-word prediction, bilingual predictions, auto learning, voice-to-text, and multi-touch to provide a new typing experience altogether to the user. A trial version of SwiftKey Keyboard can be downloaded for free, while its full-version comes with a price tag of $1.99.

The Application

For some people at least, especially the non-techie types, installing a new app can be confusing, and SwiftKey Keyboard Android app seems to have taken this into consideration. During installation, a self run app will take the user through the set up process, including letting him/her choose the language of preference, and even directing to the settings page where the keyboard needs to be enabled. You just need to simply follow the path shown by the said ‘guidance’ app to complete the installation process.


Android SwiftKey Keyboard app






Unlike other keyboard apps for Android, SwiftKey Keyboard application uses natural language processing technology and machine learning to offer unrivalled word prediction and correction. As a result, while you type a word/phrase, the app will attempt to predict the next word, from the context of your sentence. The more you use the app, the more precise the app becomes in terms of word prediction.

The Android SwiftKey Keyboard app also seamlessly integrates with any Android theme that you have in your handset. Save the additional features, the keyboard works similar to the Sense and Swype keyboards for most parts. For example, in selecting symbols, simply long press on a particular key on the SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android to bring up the symbol you need. At variance is the ‘#’ sign that is buried deep under secondary symbol menu. Such minor issues apart, the SwiftKey Keyboard app delivers what it promises.


Those looking for a new and robust keyboard for their Android handsets may safely try out the SwiftKey Keyboard application. It is easy to use, precise for most parts in terms of next-word prediction, and supports a multitude of languages from around the globe. Since the app walks one through the set up process, it is a non-brainer even for a first timer, the multistep process of installation/setup notwithstanding. Verdict: SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android handy keyboard application that improves your typing efficiency, albeit marginally.

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