Two Best Apps Entertainment Games for Android

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Two Best Apps Entertainment Games for Android

Greedy Pigs Best Apps AndroidGreedy Pigs

While the creators of this game may have gotten the initial artwork for the pigs from the ever-popular Angry Birds, this game is completely and totally different, yet just as addicting.  This tower defense game has a very amusing story line in which the Dwarves have been given the task of protecting the Magical Booze Barrel for the evil Pigzillas.  Which of the three character choices you choose helps to control how the game will play out for you, as each offers their own set of skills.  The dozens of different maps available and the RPG characteristics also make this different from any other type of tower defense game on the market.  The graphics are bright, colorful, and cartoonish making it enjoyable to play and increasing the comic aspect of the game.

Random Mahjong Pro Best Apps AndroidRandom Mahjong Pro

Mahjong is a tile game that has been around for centuries and only becomes more and more addicting on each new gaming platform it becomes available.  While this game looks best on a tablet, it is still very playable and enjoyable on an Android phone.  One thing that is completely unique to this version is the ability to control virtually everything, from the camera angle to tile placements.  The random board generator ensures that you will never have to play the same game twice.  There are several different play modes, including one without a timer, allowing for a more relaxed game play.  The undo option can also be quite helpful, though some more serious players may choose to play without it.   If you get truly stumped, you can use the solution walk-through to show you how to exactly solve each level.

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