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Looking for another way to ensure that you wake up on time in the morning? Perhaps you should try out SPB Time app in your iPhone. SPB Time app for iPhone comes equipped with different types of alarms to suit your personality, alongside utilities such as calendar, world time, moon phases, countdown timer, and stopwatch. SPB Time application can be downloaded for a price of $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

The Application

Installing SPB Time iPhone app is a breeze. Its eye catchy interface is well laid out and hence easy to navigate around. Even though the app has multiple options, all are accessible within couple of taps at best.

With SPB Time, you can choose the sound to wake you up. If you prefer the most natural way of breaking the sleep, you can choose the Bio alarm starts the slight ticks and sounds of nature before the actual alarm time. On the other hand, for those who are as good as dead while sleeping may opt for the Paranoid alarm, which suggests the sleeper to solve the puzzle and won’t stop until it’s done correctly. If you are not that gentle natured while asleep, and hates someone waking you up forcefully, you may better not have the Paranoid alarm in action. Else, you might end up throwing your iPhone to the floor. Apart from these alarm types, the app comes with 20+ alarm tunes to choose from for your usual alarm.


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The World Time feature suits globe trotters as it allows you to select many cities around the world to simultaneously monitor their time zones. The 3D model of earth in the said feature stands out. Similarly, the countdown timer is depicted as an hour glass, with the pouring sand representing the time elapsed. Further, you can customize the look and feel of the app by choosing from 50+ skins available.


SPB Time app is much more than a typical iPhone alarm application. On one side, while it lets you choose an alarm based on your personality, features such as World Time, countdown timer, and moon phase extends its utilities far outside of the realms of a usual phone alarm. Customizable options and user friendliness brings it close to tastes of the average user. In short, those looking for a feature-packed alarm app for their iPhones must check out SPB Time. The app certainly is worth its $1.99 price tag.

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