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The hit game Battleheart that was created for the iPhone originally has gotten to a point of popularity where it really does seem like the game to purchase. The creators understand this and that is why they have started expanding its presence, bringing Battleheart game now to the Android market as a paid Android app that is available for many smartphones.

Play a classic RPG game on your smartphone

The main advantage that you get with a game like Battleheart app for Android is the fact that it definitely stays true to the original games that it is based on. It is a game where you start with a party of heroes uniquely created by you and as you continue to battle through a world filled with monsters, you can actually gain bonuses through those very same heroes and then parlay those bonuses into significantly large gains. You level up and you fight harder monsters as time goes on and only a party that is well levelled and well equipped with spells and items will be able to get from start to finish in a way that allows them to defeat all of their opponents.

Battleheart Game App for Android






Play that RPG with easy controls

Another advantage that comes from playing Android Battleheart game app is that you have the opportunity to command your army with touch commands that are quite simple. Tapping the screen will take you a long way in this game and because of that you will find that not only is Battleheart Android application a game that can be lots of fun to play, it is also a game that is very easy for you to play. That is an important point because it really does show just how good things can be.

Final Score

Although Battleheart Android app does have many things about it that can and should be liked, it is also important to realize that there are some downsides to this game. The larger than 30 MB file size means that users of the Galaxy S in some cases will not be able to download and play the game. The developers reaction to this is to still charge $2.87 for the app without taking any responsibility for potential problems, stating up front that it is up to the user to make sure the game works on their device before downloading it. It is honest yet unfortunate at the same time and because of this we have given Battleheart app for Android a final score of 8 out of 10.

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