Sling Shark Lite Android Game App Review

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If you’ve ever heard of Murphy’s Law, you know that it states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Even though this rarely happens in real life, the cases in which it does happen are highly publicized and for that reason everyone believes it to be a reality. There are even games based on it and Sling Shark Lite is one of those games.

Murphy’s Law on a pirate ship

In Sling Shark Game app for Android, you play the role of Pirate Pete, the man that for the moment is still in charge of the pirate ship that is at the heart of all of the action that takes place over the course of this Android gaming app.

Murphy’s Law has hit the ship in a big way. It started with a mutiny during which the cannons and the kegs of gunpowder were thrown overboard by the crew. Eventually, Pirate Pete was able to get things under control and made the mutineers walk the plank. Unfortunately, fate wasn’t done with Pete yet because the mutineers walking the plank have drawn waves of sharks that are hungry for more than just the pirates that have walked the plank and fallen into the water.

Now, everything that could have gone wrong for Pete has gone wrong. Armed with nothing more than old cannonballs (without a cannon or gunpowder, mind you) and a little bit of rope, he needs to beat back the sharks that seem to be coming forth in waves that are endless. It is a pickle to be sure and one that you need to get out of since you are the person that is playing the role of Pirate Pete.

Lite is good

The full version of Sling Shark app for Android is not free, however the lite version is. The lite version has many things reduced about it in terms of functionality, but the basic point of the game is still there. You need to slingshot cannonballs at sharks and kill them so that they don’t bring your ship down. If you let your ship get overrun by sharks, it is game over. It really is as simple as that.

Final Score

What we love most about Sling Shark Lite Android app is its simplicity, a point that makes it a great game for playing while you’re on the move. In the end, we’ve given Sling Shark Lite Android app a final score of 8 out of 10.

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