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Sometimes we need to play a thrilling round of our favorite game in order to be entertained. And sometimes we just need to read something that makes us laugh. Nothing is entertaining in quite the same way that comedy is and it is in that spirit that Weird Laws for iPhone is presented in the category of entertainment.

Read Weird Laws

There is really only one thing that you can do with this iPhone mobile application, but it is a very fun thing to do!

When you immediately start up Weird Laws iPhone app, you’ll see a screen with the name of the app, a grey background and a piece of parchment. Written on the parchment will be one of the many weird laws that make up this app and from which it draws its name. Your only goal here is to read over the app and then scroll through the others in order to see some of the most amazingly funny laws that you’ve never heard of before.


The Good Samaritan Law from Seinfeld has nothing on some of the laws you’ll read as part of this app. For example, did you know that in Long Beach, California, it is actually illegal to curse on a mini-golf course? Nobody does and of course this law is so old and forgotten that nobody actually enforces it in the area. Nevertheless, it is a real law that is on the books and it is therefore a law that has made the list of laws presented in the Weird Laws app.

Final Score

Believe it or not, Weird Laws entertainment app for iPhone actually has many more uses beyond just your own reading entertainment when you’re bored and need to kill some time. It is an app that you can use to start conversations with friends. Just read off one of the laws and you can have a discussion about how that law came into being in the first place. It would definitely have seemed like a good idea at the time, otherwise it never would have become law. That fact more than anything else is what can take many of these laws from the realm of the funny into the realm of the fascinating as the discussion continues.

Since Weird Laws app for iPhone can give you entertainment in two different ways, we have decided to give it a final score of 8 out of 10.

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