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Flixster has become a household name in online movie-going excellence for many people around the world. Now, they’ve decided to go from the world of the online desktop computer to the handheld mobile smart phone. One of their first forays into the market of free Android apps was Movies and now it is well into its second round of versions and is still getting better with each successive release of a new software package.

Find movies in your area

Even though going to movies has become less popular with the advent of the internet, there can be no denying that the movie experience is still one of the best entertainment experiences around. Flixster Android app understands this and that is why they’ve included functionality in this app to help you get local timings for movies in your local area. You can browse the theatres that are closest to you and pick out a time and a location that suits you fine. No longer do you have to worry about getting the show times at home because you can get them on your mobile device. You can even find information about IMAX theatres on Android Flixster app.

Read reviews

Rotten Tomatoes aggregates a bunch of reviews and gives the movie an overall score. Now, Rotten Tomatoes is easily accessible right from your Movies app, allowing you to bypass your browser and just get at a review right away.

Watch trailers

At the current moment in time, Movies has 15,000 trailers on it with more being added every time an update is pushed through. With so many different trailers available, what people are starting to realize is that you can have a lot of fun with Flixster app for Android simply by sitting down somewhere and scrolling through all of the different trailers that are available.

Look at DVDs

Are you interested in seeing what a certain DVD retails for nowadays?  If so, you can certainly take a closer look at the DVD section of Flixster mobile application which will have that information readily available for you.

Final Score

Imagine walking around somewhere and deciding you’d like to watch a movie. With this app, you can read reviews of what’s currently playing, choose a movie, find a show time near you and then watch the trailer for that movie to get you in the mood. This is simply fantastic mobile functionality and that’s why Flixster Android app gets a final score of 9 out of 10 from this review.

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