TV Show Tracker by Devare for Android Review

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If the TV Guide app was the first attempt to take the listings for television shows and place them online, what you’ll discover is that the TV Show Tracker created by Devare is the next point of evolution for this method of access. It has everything that a TV Guide app could have and then it has a lot more.

TV Guide functionality

As previously mentioned, the primary purpose of this Android entertainment app is to act as a TV Guide for you. In other words, you can scroll through the listings of different shows that are playing on different channels. You can find your favorite shows and find out when the next episodes for those shows happen to be. In fact, you can actually plan things out months in advance because of how comprehensive and accurate the TV Guide actually is.

Enhanced TV Guide functionality

The above feature is important, but it is not really groundbreaking since every single mobile application out there that deals with television shows has the same basic functionality. Instead, what makes TV Show Tracker Android app so great are the detailed search functions that you can employ when you are using it to look up your shows.

In total, TV Show Tracker app for Android has about 500 shows that are indexed in detail in its database. All of these have detailed search options attached to them so that you can take a look at the different shows and then choose the ones that you’re interested in above the rest. Once you’ve gone through the process of doing that, you can sort the lists by whatever method you’d like. You can pick favorite shows and display only those or if you’d just like to browse you can go back to the basic TV Guide format whenever you want.

Final Score

Although the Android TV Show Tracker app sorting and searching features may not seem that important to you right now, you’ll realize the first time you’re quickly trying to find an episode of your favorite show just how important they can be. If you want to find out whether you need to go home early tonight to watch the show or not, you definitely need this app by your side. In that situation, all you’d have to do is fire it up, sort by your favorites and then look that information up. It’s useful enough that we’ve decided to give TV Show Tracker Android app a final score of 7 out of 10.

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