Scientific Calculator App for Android Review

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Some of the best educational apps available for the Android are ones that are not really that flashy and don’t accomplish that much, but which nevertheless are extremely useful to have at your side. An example of this is the Scientific Calculator app for Android, something that is free to download and highly functional.

Quick calculations no matter what you need calculated

Many scientific calculators that attempt to take the place of handheld calculators fall short because the calculation speed slows down the more complicated the actual equation happens to be. This is not the case with this Scientific Calculator Android app. No matter how complicated your equation happens to be, the calculator will return the result with the same speed that you would get from a handheld device.

Easy to put arguments together

Another reason that computerized scientific calculator emulation tools have fallen short of their handheld electronic counterparts is that they don’t really have an easy input system. A mouse is nowhere near as good as an entry pad and therein is the problem. However, this one is basically just a scientific calculator skin put over your Android smart phone. You have basically the same interface as your normal handheld calculator and you don’t have to carry two things around to get it.


Full range of functions available

One final problem for using the scientific calculator on the Android is that it gives you the full range of functions. Many other scientific calculators fell short because they didn’t have the full range of functions, but this is not at all a problem for this particular app. In fact, it might actually be a strength of it since you can do everything on this app that you could do with your handheld scientific calculator and the display is more efficient and user friendly than most of them turned out to be.
Final Score

Overall, the Scientific Calculator app for Android is not flashy or over the top, but it definitely does incorporate some important elements into the overall design. It is ultra-functional and useful in an easy-to-see way and that certainly does give it some points. The final score of 8 out of 10 is not necessarily because it is lacking in any elements, but more so because of the fact that other mobile apps were reviewed on this site that were just as good but also a lot more intricate in their overall design.

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