Wall Street Journal Mobile App for BlackBerry Review

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The Wall Street Journal has long been the financial periodical of the world. Its daily take on the market is something that everyone interested in finance should take a look at. Now, the Wall Street Journal has gone mobile on the BlackBerry device. This free app can be downloaded directly to your BlackBerry and once you have it there you can certainly start to use its amazing financial prowess.

Use Wall Street Journal Online

The first thing that you’ll get out of this app is the Wall Street Journal Online. If you head over to the Wall Street Journal website, you’ll discover that there is a lot of great financial information available for you. Now, you can read through that information on the way to work and get a lot of great insight as to what is going on in the world of finance today. That can directly help you figure out what you’re going to do with your financial situation.

Use MarketWatch.com

Part of getting healthy finances is investment. Even if you don’t invest directly in the stock market, things like pension plans, guaranteed investment certificates and even registered retirement savings plans all fluctuate depending on market conditions. Therefore, watching the stock market allows you to keep watch on your investments in order to see how your future is doing. After all, there’s no point in getting your present budget under control if your future is not being secured at the same time. This is where this particular part of the BlackBerry app comes in handy.

Use Barrons.com

Don’t let the name fool you. Despite the title and land-holding connotations of the name of this website, it is just as good a financial market tool as MarketWatch.com. In fact, these two tools complement each other quite nicely when all is said and done. You need both to have a complete overview of how the markets are doing on a given day and the Wall Street Journal BlackBerry app will make sure that you can get that overview that you need.

Final Score

The final score of the Wall Street Journal Mobile app for BlackBerry is 9 out of 10. Even though it is not a direct budgeting app and therefore does not occupy that part of the financial app spectrum, it is still one of the best free sources of financial information available for the BlackBerry. That is why it is still very important.

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