Slydial App for iPhone Review

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Slydial app for iPhone is a free service that will connect you to a person’s voice mail without ringing on their end. Your phone number won’t even show up on their missed calls log. Instead of further delaying that inevitable return phone call you need to make, go straight to their voice mail and come off as polite as ever.

Features of Slydial App

  • Slydial allows you to leave a voicemail instead of call someone.
  • Slydial app for iPhone requires a myslydial premium account
  • There are two pricing options.
  • $.10 per Slydial call, or unlimited use for $2.95 a month.

Slydial iPhone App

Advantages of Slydial App

The functionality of Slydial iPhone application is very simple. Slydial can be used for practical and efficient communications every day. It can also be used as a clever tool to deal with life’s awkward moments. This app is perfect for people short on time, who don’t want to bother someone, when a text won’t cut it and when you want to avoid an awkward conversation. The great thing about this is that the voicemail you want to leave can be sent to any phone. You can just pick anybody in your contact list and have this option available. Slydial iPhone mobile app saves a lot of time and gets the point across to people that need a message instead of a phone call.


Slydial app for iPhone solves one of life’s most awkward problems. Sometimes it is much more realistic to just leave a message instead of having a drawn out conversation. Slydial is a savior and is the absolute greatest function for those of us who continue to put off that phone call we dread making. Slydial iPhone app is a must try application coming for free, but then costs $2.95 for an unlimited monthly membership.

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