Snap Camera HDR App for Android Review

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The Android OS versions update quite frequently that many users are felt left behind within six months of buying a phone. Snap Camera HDR app for Android, in its own little way, attempts to rectify it a bit by providing an Android 4.2 interface to Android 2.3+ devices. The app is based on the stock Android 4.2 camera with some added features. You can download Snap Camera HDR Android app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.

Snap Camera HDR App Features

Snap Camera HDR app for Android got a simple interface. Its main screen got only three buttons: one each for pictures, videos and settings. The UI works mostly like the stock Android one. In settings however, you got more options and it is set up a little differently. All options are still provided in the circular fashion, but you have more selections now. More specifically, you have eight choices: HDR, flash mode, white balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, camera settings, and a submenu for items like changing to burst mode, fast mode, front/back camera toggle, stable shot, silent shutter, self timer, panorama, and toggling the grids. The ‘fast mode’ let you snap fast pictures but with the resolution of your screen.

Snap Camera HDR App for Android

You also have a slew of options in video and cameras. The developer of the app – dzo – had added a new interface that is part of Google Galaxy S4 and HTC One phone. You can access the recent photos by swiping to the left. However, you can only view photos taken from the app unless you change the ‘stored location’ folder to the one that your phone’s camera is using. You can swipe away any photo that you don’t want. If you delete one by mistake, click ‘undo’ to get it back. Further, the photo editor let you add color effects, add a border, crop, rotate, mirror, add image effects, straighten pictures etc. Another useful feature is the ability to capture still photos while recording videos. Of course, you can share photos via Facebook or Google+.

If you don’t know what HDR means, it is a feature that lets you take photos of scenes with very dark and very light areas. Swipe up on the controller to enable HDR mode. The app takes two photos at different exposures and combines them to make one HDR photo.


Snap Camera HDR app for Android works pretty smoothly. However, some of its features – such as some color and contrast settings and clicking a photo at the same time as recording video – might not work in all phones. The app is also available in a free of cost trial version. You may check it out before deciding on purchasing the full version. Verdict: Check it out if you own a phone that runs Gingerbread or ICS.

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