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So many people (millions) are turning to social media sites and social dating apps on these sites to find dates, connect with people who have similar interests, and to have fun by sending digital greetings to friends and potential dating partners. Social Connect is the most creative, dynamic and fun social dating and lifestyle app on Facebook. It just launched on April 21, 2010, but it has been growing at a rapid pace. Besides letting users find dating partners and connect with like-minded singles and friends, Social Connect also offers a special section called FaveScapes for users to checkin to local hot spots, provide reviews and find the best places listed by City Search and the Social Connectors. An added bonus is the innovative Guardian platform to facilitate safer and more secure dating, along with the alibi functionality to let users shorten a dating encounter.

User Interface
Social Connect is extremely user friendly, with a fun, expressive and vibrant design. The bubble motif conveys energy and passion, and the rich color scheme has a pastel palette for the buttons and tabs, and there are tool tips, with colorful bubbles, to help convey particular info to the users. Also there’s a really cool demo video on the home page of the app, which, in addition, to providing a brief tour of the Social Connect app, is entertaining, with a romantic cute storyline.

User Interaction
This lifestyle app engages users with ratings, creative digital greetings, including charms that are virtual gifts to send for fun, celebrations, special occasions, and range from teddy bears, to roses, chocolates, champagne, birthstones, diamonds, and sports cars. Social Connect also integrates with FourSquare, Twitter and CitySearch for users to check out and check into local hotspots and to search users by faves. Users who get the most charms each week become “Princess/Prince Charming”, so the app also has a game quality, with a treasure chest to keep precious charms, a secret box to answer and respond to secret questions, and a patent-pending feature called The Guardian to provide peace of mind for users meeting someone for the first time. It’s kind of like a virtual chaperone.

Utility and Productivity
Making friends and finding dating and romance partners on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, and Hi5 is very common. Social Connect makes this even easier with a wide array of targeted search options (local, faves, ratings), and Social Connect through its Favescape feature really provides great info about local hot spots, including restaurants, bars, clubs, spas, attractions, movie theaters, and hotels. The Favescapes also provide a common ground for members to meet and if users have the same or similar Favescapes, they already share something in common.

Final Score
Social Connect is quite possibly the most original, imaginative and comprehensive dating app launched so far. Great attention went into the design, the user interface, and even the creative charms. Very intuitive and lots of fun for all the Social Connectors; and my prediction is that “Social Connect” may even become a phrase to signify to connect for fun, romance, and amp up your social life and scene. This app gets a 10 out of 10.

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