Sorbees Android Twitter Client App Review

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Sorbees Twitter client app has enough firepower within its fold to make a splash out there, its release coinciding with that of the official Twitter for Android app not withstanding. Android Sorbees app is certainly one of the few appealing twitter clients out there. It sports a clean interface, much to the relief of its potential users, and is refreshingly devoid of extraneous trappings, the result being a much faster and responsive application.

Features of Sorbees App for Android

Simplicity is the keyword. When it comes to options, the usual ones, including mentions, direct messages and lists are given at the bottom of the screen for easy access. Sorbees Android app lets you add multiple Twitter accounts, and view their timelines running on different screens. Further, you could the latest topics or search for a particular topic through a separate menu. For serial twitters, this application let them repost items in both the new as well as traditional “quote’ method. Backing up all the features of Sorbees is a fast and stable user interface. Even a novice could use it sans much trouble from the word ‘go’.

If to point out one glaring downside, it has to be the absence of background notifications. In other words, this Android Twitter app does not have any option to inform you of any mentions or direct messages when you don’t have the application open. Virtually every competitor of Sorbees mobile application offers this feature. Another chink in its armor is that the app offers support only for Twitter and not Linked In, MySpace, and Facebook unlike Sorbees web edition. Hopefully, in the later releases, Sorbees touches on the missing social networking apps.

Final Thoughts

Given its robust features, there is no reason to think why Sorbees Android app can’t corner its deserving market share. Feature wise, it is as good as or better than most Twitter clients for Android, barring few downsides as mentioned above. It is easy to use, and is quite fast as well. Above all, Android Sorbees app is available as a free download from Sorbees portal.

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