Keep Track of All Training with Endomondo Sports Tracker app for Android

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There are simply so many different trainers out there these days for smart phone devices that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. However, the Endomondo Sports Tracker Android app is an exception to the general rule of market mediocrity with free apps for the simple reason that it has so many different aspects that you are bound to find at least one of them useful in helping you get your training done.

Real time tracking

Perhaps the most important feature of Android Endomondo Sports Tracker app is the real time tracking that it does while you are actually going for your walk, your run, your jog, your cycle or any other similar activity that might interest you. Your Android with this app installed will not only be able to keep track of the time taken, the distance traveled, the average speed and the overall altitude of your run but it will also be able to show your route to you on Google Maps as you are going through it.

Real time feedback

At the same time that you are getting tracking in real time, Endomondo Sports Tracker app for Android will also give you feedback in real time. This means that you can get feedback in the form of audio prompts that happen every mile or kilometre depending on your preference and it also means that pre-recorded pep talks from friends and family can also be programmed into the overall routine. Finally, the history of any music playlists that you’ve used will also be saved so that you can get that type of positive auditory feedback going during your exercise even when you are in between miles and kilometres.

Historical information

In addition to the important real time stuff, you’ll also find a lot of historical information from Endomondo Sports Tracker Android app. You can make it save all of the workouts that you go through so that later on you can look back on those workouts and see how you were able to do. You can see if you are improving over time and if you should stay where you are or go for something more challenging.

Final Score

Overall, the Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile application will be a very good trainer for your Android smart phone. In recognition of this particular fact, we’ve decided to give Endomondo Sports Tracker Android app a final score of 8 out of 10.

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