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Style Studio app for iPhone will be an interesting application for all promising Jean-Paul Gautiers out there with an iPhone. Those imaginative fashion designers, who wish to try out the new patterns as and when they emerge in their minds, especially while on the move, will adore the Style Studio app from XMG Studio. Style Studio iPhone app’s current price tag of £1.19 per license won’t be an issue for such fashion designing addicts in any case.

Features of iPhone Style Studio App

Style Studio iPhone mobile application lets you create the full line of lady’s clothing, including tops, skirts, trousers, and outer wear. Its customization engine is one of the best that is available in the iPhone. While there are some iPhone apps that let you apply colors to pre-set clothing merchandise, and mix/match them, none let you choose different clothing materials, make alterations as you like, customize prints, or apply add-ons/decorative items to the clothing. Style Studio app offers each one of these features to you.

Further, using Style Studio app, it is possible to import photos – of yourself or your friends – and try out your latest creations on them, as in a fashion magazine ad or in the form of a fashion show. Typical of all iPhone apps, you can even send/share your creations with your friends via email or through social networking portals such as Facebook or Twitter.


The Style Studio iPhone app from XMG Studio is certainly not for everyone out there. For those without a flair for fashion finds this app virtually of no purpose. On the other hand, fashion maniacs can’t just afford to take their hands of this handy application. It is robust, easy to use, feature rich, and above all, affordably priced. Even though, the charm of conventional pencil-paper sketching can’t be replaced by any of these so-called fashion design apps, it comes quite near, when it comes to mixing and matching colors, and simulating the patterns on different fabrics or on a virtual model. Verdict: Three stars!

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