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There’s nothing wrong with how basic playlists currently work. If you want to play one song after another after another, there is nothing wrong with just putting all three songs in order and then playing them straight up. However, what if you have preferential differences in songs and would like to hear some songs more than you hear others? If you want something more than a typical playlist can offer, Bubble Beats app for Android might be exactly the type of app that you are looking for.

Each song is a bubble

The way that Bubble Beats Android app works may take a little bit of doing for you to grasp completely, but at its most basic level the main thing for you to grasp is the fact that Bubble Beats mobile application will assign each bubble on the screen to a song that is currently accessible from your Android (i.e. either internal memory or a memory chip that is extra at the moment). Each song becomes a bubble and then the way in which you make edits to those bubbles is how you factor each song into a playlist.

Size is likelihood

The most obvious way in which this works is that the larger bubbles are more likely to get played. This means that if you like one song more than you like another song, make sure that you make its bubble larger. If you do that, you will end up hearing it more often when you start your playlist and that is something that in the end can really help you get the exact preferences that you want in terms of how much each particular song is played.

Connection is pathway

Another aspect of Bubble Beats Android app is that you cannot actually go from one song in your playlist to another if their bubbles are not connected together. This means that not only will the next song after the current song only belong to a bubble that overlaps with it, but the size is likelihood rules will kick in as well. This gives you a chance to create unique pathways and make sure that you keep apart two songs that you don’t want to play after each other.

Final Score

It will take you a long time to get used to everything that you can do with Bubble Beats Android mobile application, but even now you should see just how powerful this app can be. We can easily see it and that’s why we’ve given Bubble Beats Android app a final score of 9 out of 10.

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