Squeebles Times Tables 2 Android App Review

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Tired of teaching Times Tables to your kids? With Squeebles Times Tables 2 app for Android, you can now make your child play, practice and be perfect with all the confusing Mathematical Tables. An extremely fun filled app, Squeebles Times Tables app educates and entertains your kid at the same time. The application costs $3.99 in the Google PlayStore and comes at a size of 31 MB. With high end graphics and game like features, it is sure to win your kid’s heart.


Squeebles Times Tables 2 for Android has a highly attractive and colourful interface designed especially for kids. Users can select a player or create a new one to start playing the game. Each game consists of around 12 questions providing an educative and entertaining practice of the different tables. There are six different game modes for your children to play and practice the various multiplication tables.

  • ‘Tables 1 – 12’ allows you to play and answer the times tables from 1 to 12 .When the player finishes each set of questions, a squeeble will be rescued from the Maths Monster.
  • ‘Tricky Tables’ provides the set of questions which are gone wrong during the ‘Tables 1 – 12’ game play. Those questions get automatically stored in the app and are used during this mode.
  • The ‘Mix it Up’ mode provides a set of random questions for your child.
  • In ‘Fill the gap’ mode, the player has to fill in the blanks for each question.

Squeebles Times Tables 2 Android App

For kids who are quite thorough with the tables can play the ‘Challenge’ mode that provides around 30 different challenges with each of them being more difficult than the previous one. When you are done with tables from 1 to 12, you can even go to the ‘Extreme’ level for the tables of 13, 14 and 15. Various graphical rewards are awarded to the kids for each of their success. Bubble balls, flip fishes, different squeebles are some of them. These are very much attractive and prompt the kids to earn more of them by practicing more. There is also a password protected ‘Parents Zone’ which lets you view the stats of each player. You can also change the difficulty levels, randomize questions, set timer and so on. By this way, special care can be given to the kids who perform low.


Squeebles Times Tables 2 app for Android is a wonderful application that increases your kid’s interest towards the ever difficult multiplication tables. With colourful graphics, animations and interesting game plays, it is sure to make your kids practice more and more. Use it for your kids and let them study while having all round fun.

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