MapItOut Route and Travel Planner iPhone App Review

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Increasing concerns about data security has thrown open fresh opportunities for functional apps that does not encroach upon user privacy. MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner for iPhone is one such secure app that does what it promises – its core functionality being a map and travel planner tool – but does not sell user details to third-party faceless network managers for money. You can get MapItOut Route and Travel Planner app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.


MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner app turns your iPhone into a fully fledged Navigation system/Travel Planner on the move. Using the app, you can find pretty much anything you might need during your trip away. You can either do it on the fly or before you head out on a trip by saving points of interest to a map you can use later. From the home screen, clicking ‘searches’ will take you to the control panel, the Mapitout map, wherein you have access to around 30 different features. From the MapitOut tab, you can mark the spots in the city/location you wish to visit all spots. Use the push button searches to locate restaurants, cafes, bars, casinos etc. Research each location, save the search results to the map for that trip or day, right from the details options of the search results. Further, MapChat let you browse for people over WiFi or Bluetooth if you want to share you locations instantly on their map.

MapItOut Route and Travel Planner iPhone App

You can use the Points of interests’ searches and find different restaurants, bars etc, and you can save each individual spot to a saved map right from the details portion of the map pin. Once the map is saved, directions to each of the saved locations will be generated by the Route and Travel Planner app from your current location when you need them. Each set of directions in your saved map will automatically open the route in Apple Maps on your iPhone or iPad. You can generate walking directions, travel directions, route directions or driving directions with a simple switch option. It will also summarize the total travel time along with providing a screen shot of the map that can be shared via email. The design of Mapitout app is not very intuitive. In some cases, you might find yourself fumbling back and forth to see how they work. As MapItOut: Route and Travel Planner for iPhone runs in the background and it uses GPS, your phone’s battery life may be affected.


While using Mapitout app, it is nice to know that your data is secure. The app provides reliable and accurate details. We wish the UI could have been more user-friendly. The app is stable and responsive for most parts. Continuously running Mapitout app however could drain your battery. Check it out if you’re looking for a secure navigation system/travel planner type of app.

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