Peekaboo Barn iPhone App Review

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Peekaboo Barn app for iPhone is an extremely fun filled application for kids that make them familiar with all the different animals and their sounds. Just like the Peek-a-boo game, the application also houses and hides a lot of animals inside the barn. When you open the barn doors, an animal pops out of it and makes the sound thereby revealing its name. With beautiful graphics and a colourful interface, this cute application is sure to win your little ones’ heart. Peekaboo Barn app for iPhone costs $1.99 and is available in the iOS App Store at a size of 43 MB.


As soon as you touch the ‘PLAY’ button on Peekaboo Barn app home screen, you are introduced to a shaking barn with a feeble sound of an animal. A single tap on the barn door reveals the animal inside with a more clear voice of it. A voiceover then says the name of the animal after displaying it on the top right corner of the screen. Tapping again on the doors make it close and the process can be or is repeated any number of times with new animals and their sounds. There are more than a dozen different animals to be shown. When all of them are exhibited, the sun sets and night falls making the game to end. The order of the animals being shown changes each time and is at random.

Peekaboo Barn iPhone App

Peekaboo Barn app can help the kids to familiarize and recognize the animals, their sounds and the names. The voiceover is similar to that of a human child. You can even record your own voice in your language and use it as a narration in the app. The writing system that is displayed on the top can be modified or edited depending upon your taste and language. The controls are very much simpler with just a single tap doing the purpose right. Small kids can easily play the app without much help. You can also play the app in loop making the game never ending until you stop. There is an inbuilt child lock feature preventing your child to misuse or mis-touch any other option while playing the game.


Peekaboo Barn app for iPhone is best suited for your little kids under 4 years of age. The colourful graphics and the interesting voiceovers are sure to entertain, fascinate and educate your child. Download the app and let your toddler discover the world of animals!

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